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Salt – facts | „Promar” Ltd.
Main importer of salt for the Bulgarian market since 1991

Salt – facts

There are very interesting facts about the salt. For instance, in Abyssinia for ages in row the salt was the exchange coin and main currency.

Salar de Uyuni, the biggest dry salt lake in the world, on area of 4000 square miles, in Bolivia, becomes a mirror when there is a thin layer of water on its surface.

This reflecting property makes it a very useful tool for the calibration of the scientific equipment from the Cosmos.

The salt is so important for the human organism that if one drinks a very big quantity of water, it shall wash away the salt and the result could be lethal hyponatremia.

The consumption of excessive quantity of salt could be even lethal. It is enough to consume 1 gram salt per 1 kilogram weight to reach the fatal end.

Often it was the method of ritual suicide in China, especially among the elite, because the salt in those times was a very expensive pleasure.

The high quality sea salt contains a large number of important minerals for the organism. The best sea salt must be slightly moist. In the Middle Ages the salt was so expensive that they even called it white gold.

In Gerand, France the salt was collected in the manner used by the ancient Celts, who used wicker baskets, through which water was leaking.

There exists a widely spread delusion that the Roman soldiers received their salaries in salt, so that was the origin of the English word for payment – Salary.

However, this is not true; the soldiers were paid by common money. The relation to the salt probably originated, because the soldiers used to cover with salt the roads leading to Rome.

Sodium chloride is formed by the interaction between metal sodium and gaseous chlorine. This is the only mineral used constantly for eating by the humans.

Only 6 percent of the entire quantity extracted salt is used for nutrition; also 17 percent are often used to fight the icing of the streets and roads in winter.

What is the sea salt’s secret?


Sea salt is a natural, which does not contain artificially added components. It is composed of many minerals and over 100 chemical elements. It has beneficial effect on the human organism upon regular use. The sea salt has beneficial effect in case of problems with the blood pressure by normalizing it. The muscles cramps will also disappear, if you resort to this natural product. The heart rhythm and the blood sugar also stay within the norms when using sea salt.

Upon regular use of this natural product, the defensive powers of the organist increase significantly and the colds are excellently treated. Sea salt has an excellent effect also with problems with the nose and even in case of asthma. It helps the lungs to clean from sputa, which facilitates the respiration.

Another healthy effect of the sea salt is the strengthening of the bones due to the wide range of minerals and mostly calcium.

Sea salt was used also for rejuvenating the skin in the antiquity. Due to its use, the skin becomes shiny and soft. This miracle product can win the fight against cellulites. Tender exfoliating of the body and regular practice make this unpleasant problem disappear.

Also sea salt baths are very healthy for the skin and the condition of the organism. However, the main prerequisite for the success is the procedures to be done at least 15 days in a row and the hot baths to continue maximum 30 minutes.

And let us finish with the idea of a homemade exfoliant, which could make you skin shiny and substantially rejuvenated – 1 cup of fine ground sea salt, 1 teaspoonful of lavender or patchouli aromatic oil and 2 teaspoonfuls of olive oil. Perform our recipe and you will enjoy terrific skin!

14 thing we don’t know about salt


Salts are chemical compounds, which are composed of ions bound by ionic links.

Salt is one of those spices we cannot do without (or could, but meals are more delicious with it). However, it has features you probably never suspected.

Here are some of them:

  1. Clean easily the fireplace

When you are ready to retire for the night, but the fire is still burning or smoulder in the fireplace, extinguish the flames with salt. The fire will burn out faster and you will have to deal with less soot compared to leaving it to die out by itself. The cleaning is also easier, because due to the salt the ash and the remains can be collected faster.

  1. Clean the burnt milk

It is difficult to remove the burnt milk. The salt, however, makes it removal very easy. Wet the burnt pan or pot and spread some salt. Leave it for about 10 minutes and scrub. The salt is absorbing the burnt milk smell.

  1. Cleaning the remains in a vase of flowers

After you beautiful bouquet has withered away and the time to throw it out has come, you will notice that there remains a greenish layer of the vase’s bottom. To get rid of it, use salt. Rub in the smudge place some salt, after than wash with water and soap. If you hand cannot fit in, fill the vase with strong solution of salt and water, shake it or wash with a brush and rinse.

  1. Give long life to the brooms

The new straw broom will last much longer, if you soak it in a bucket with warm salty water. Take it out after about 20 minutes and leave it to dry.

  1. Clean the greasy iron frying pans

It is very difficult to remove fats from the iron frying pots, since they do not dissolve in water. Solve the problem by spreading some salt on the frying pan before washing. Thus, the bigger part of the fat shall be absorbed. Then, clean and wash as usual.

  1. Refresh the cutting board

After washing the kitchen boards with soap and water, scrub them with wet towel dipped in salt. Thus, they shall be lighter and with brighter colour.

  1. Remove the sweat stains

Salt is the secret, by which we can get rid of those yellow stains from sweating on our t-shirts and blouses. Dissolve 4 spoonfuls salt in 1 liter warm water. Rub the solution in the garment until the stain disappears.

  1. Clean the tea and coffee stains

Tea and coffee leave stains from the cups on the furniture. You can easily clean them by scrubbing the stain with a sponge with spread salt on top in advance. Is the stain persists, mix equal quantities white vinegar and salt and continue the drill.

  1. Ease the pain from stinging

If you are stung by something, immediately wet the spot and cover with salt. This will ease the pain and the swelling. Of course, if you are allergic to stings, you should immediately seek medical care.

  1. Protect the windows against freezing

As you may already know, salt is lowering the freezing point of the ice. You can use that to protect the windows at home by wiping them with a sponge dipped in salty water and leaving them to dry.

  1. Remove the nasty smell from the shoes

The textile shoes can be really smelly, especially if you wear them in summer without socks. In order to remove the unpleasant smell and take up the moisture, it is good to spread from time to time some salt in your shoes.

  1. Clean the greasy stains from the carpet

In order to remove the greasy stains from the carpet (or other textile surface) add 1 part salt to 4 parts alcohol and start vigorously scrubbing the stain, taking care to do that in the direction of the natural growth of the nap/hair/fiber.

  1. Speed the cooking time

Are you in a hurry? Add a pinch of salt in the boiling water, in which you have placed the food. This raises the boiling point of the water and that way the food needs less time to cook.

  1. Test the fresh eggs

Do you doubt whether the eggs are fresh? Add 2 spoonfuls of salt in one glass of water and carefully place the egg in the glass. If it is fresh, it shall sink and the old one shall float.

  1. Keep the salad fresh

Are you going to prepare green salad for dinner? Salt the salad immediately after you have prepared it and it will remain fresh for a couple of hours.

  1. Keep the milk fresh

Add a pinch of salt in the milk pack in order to keep it fresh for a longer period. You can do this also with the cream.

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