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Nitrite Salt Nitrosol | „Promar” Ltd.
Main importer of salt for the Bulgarian market since 1991

Nitrite Salt Nitrosol

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Нитритна сол Нитросол 25 кг.

The nitrite salt is a mixture of sodium nitrite, edible quality, and iodized table salt with origin from Israel. It is used mainly for treatment of meat and meat products.
The nitrite salt is fixing the colour, the taste and the aroma of the product. Its function is that of an antioxidant and it prevents food poisoning.

PROMAR Ltd. is producing and offering mainly three types of Nitrite Salt NITROSOL:
Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL 0,4-0,5%
Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL 0,5-0,6%
Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL 0,6-0,7%


The nitrite salt is packed in polypropylene bags of 25 kilograms.
Safety and environment information
Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL is not designated for direct consumption. It is used in the meat and meat products processing. With the specified concentrations of sodium nitrite, Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL for meat products is safe for the health.

Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL for the production of meat products should be stored in dry premises at ambient temperature and protected against sunlight.
During the production process of Nitrite Salt – NITROSOL, we perform mechanical mixing of sodium nitrite with table salt in a mixer, whereby both products are mixed in specified quantities and the percentage content of sodium nitrite in the table salt is achieved.


the mixture in the mixer consists of:
-309 kg table salt
-1.320 kg sodium nitrite.
Total quantity: 310.320 kg
From the mixture obtained after the homogenization in the mixer, we obtain the relevant lot with sodium nitrite content: 0.425% of the total mass of the ready Nitrite Salt “NITROSOL”. It is packed in 25 kg bags.
The table salt kilograms are have been prepared in advance in the table salt packing workshop and sent to the premises for the production of the Nitrite Salt and entered in the input control logbook, checked by two responsible persons.
The sodium nitrite kilograms are prepared in advance by a lab assistant and entered in the process logbook.
The feeding of both products in the mixer is performed, controlled and monitored by two responsible persons and a lab assistant, who is entering the fed products in the process logbook.
For additional security we test each lot under the following non-standardized method:
Testing method:
Nordisk Metodik-Komite for Levnedsmidler. (1963) UDC 546.173, N r49, NMKL, Copenhagen, and the results are entered in the internal logbook of output control.
The Nitrite Salt produced this way is not exposed to any probability of an error in the sodium nitrite and sodium chloride (salt) content and it is a safe additive for the production of your quality meat products.

Sodium nitrite /NaNO2/ content expressed in mg towards the total mass of the edible salt, determining the type of Nitrite Salt “NITROSOL” produced by “PROMAR” Ltd.:
Code Item Name NaNO2 – % Salt for the food industry NaNO2 in mg
150102 Nitrite Salt Nitrosol 0,4-0,5 1 kg from 4000 to 5000
150103 Nitrite Salt Nitrosol 0,5-0,6 1 kg from 5000 to 6000
150101 Nitrite Salt Nitrosol 0,6-0,7 1 kg from 6000 to 7000
Under the formula у = (a*b)/ c , where:
а – the input Nitrite Salt in kg
b – sodium nitrite content in mg (as per a table according to the Nitrite Salt type used in the feeding mass. The average on two limits is taken into consideration.)
c – feeding mass in kg
y – the input sodium nitrite to the feeding mass in mg/kg
Use of Nitrite Salt „NITROSOL“ 0,5-0,6 %
у = (a*b)/ c
у = (1,8*5500)/ 100
у = 99 mg/kg
at maximum admissible input 150 ;g/kg according to Regulations No. 8/16.04.2002, Attachment No. 4, Section D for the permitted maximum levels of additives to the foodstuffs.
*At higher content of proteins and fats and at higher water content as per the recipe, the nitrites cannot be reduced and Nitrite Salt with lower sodium nitrite content should be used.


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